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Michael Sowa is a well known German artist who studied in the Acadaemy of Fine Arts in Berlin. He spent seven years studying in this Academy. His work is often compared to that of the talented Surrealist artist Renee Margritte. He is also a well known illustrator and has illustrated a number of children’s books as well as publishing a book of his artwork himself entitled Sowa’s Ark. Sowa’s Ark contains 55 paintings and includes the ‘Diving Fish’ and ‘Man Table Fish.’ This book has become a very popular coffee table art book.

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Michael Sowa Prints of his original work are sold by a number of online art and poster stores. A constant theme in his work is animals of all kinds. This includes domestic and wild animal. His paintings are very surreal and delight children and adults alike. Art critics have described his work as breathtaking, whimsical, and delightful. His work often has a humorous and playful side to it. However despite this humorous side some of his work is extremely powerful. You can order Michael Sowa prints, solely in print form or you can pay a little bit more and purchase framed Michael Sowa Prints. The framed versions make a wonderful birthday or Christmas present.

Michael Sowa also produces cover art for albums and he conceived the cover art for the Beautiful South Single, ‘Everybody’s Talking’ and also for the album, ‘Miaow’ by the same group. He is a multi talented artist who is in constant demand for various art projects. He also produced a cover page for the New Yorker magazine as well as producing art for the successful French film, ‘The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain,’ In 2005 he conceived the backdrop images for the film, ‘Wallace and Gromit’ He has also produced stage art and costumes for productions of the Opera, ‘The Magic Flute,’

His fan base is diverse and includes children, as well as art and movie lovers. Many people collect Michael Sowa Prints and also other material related to his art and creations, such as Michael Sowa Calenders and Notelets. Prints of his original art work include prints of the following paintings, Pig in Soup, Bunny Dressing, His Masters Voice, and Fowl with Pearls. Those who are fans of Surrealist art more often than not are also fans of the work of Michael Sowa. Michael Sowa Prints make a good substitute for those who adore his work, but do not have the financial means to purchase original art work. Online shops which sell his prints often offer phone ordering, which means that you can order your Michael Sowa prints either directly by phone or online. A number of these online shops also offer priority shipping or money back guarantees.

In 2009 an exhibition of 130 unexhibited works by Michael Sowa, including the original drawings for the 1993 publication, Der Kleine Koning Dezember was held in Japan, in the Sogo Museum of Art. Michael Sowa Prints of work displayed in this exhibition are also available for sale.


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