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Michael Sowa, an Extraordinary Talent

Artists by the very nature of their work evoke various emotions in those who view their work. The artist Michael Sowa is lucky enough to evoke feelings of affection and admiration amongst those who view his work. Michael Sowa was born in Germany in 1945 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin. He previously worked as an art teacher, before working as an artist in his own right.

A constant theme in his work is animals. In fact anyone who likes animals are certain to find some paintings that please them among Michael Sowa’s diverse portfolio of work. His work includes paintings and illustrations of wild animals, farm animals and domesticated animals. However, the difference with the animal paintings and illustrations of Michael Sowa is that they are doing extraordinary things. In fact, the activities of the animals created by Michael Sowa are just as extraordinary as his talent. In the magical world of his paintings you will find a duck pushing a wheel barrow, a pig in a soup bowl, and a fowl wearing pearls. He is particularly enamoured by the world of pigs and they crop up often in his work. His illustrations for children’s books include a Rabbit who goes to Berlin to find a bride and just happens to witness the fall of the Berlin wall.

Art critics describe his work as whimsical and imaginative. Fans of his work say that his paintings make them smile and brighten up their day. The majority of work by Michael Sowa is available in print and many are those who have his work adorning their sitting room or office. Others that are seriously interested in the intellectual side of art state that his work is comparable to the world famous Belgian Surrealist, Renee Magritte.

What makes this artist so extraordinary is the sheer diversity of his work, as it is not limited only to paintings and illustrations. He has created art work and costumes for the Opera, ‘The Magic Flute,’ as well as film back drops for the film Wallace & Gromit. He also delighted film lovers with his artwork for the French film, ‘The Fabulous Destiny of Amelia Poulain.’

Those who live in Japan were lucky enough to have access to an exhibition of his work at the Sogo Museum of Modern Art. Many of the fans of this artist who do not have access to his original work satisfy their appetite for his creations by purchasing his book, Sowa's Ark: An Enchanted Bestiary. This publication is in its second edition and contains more than fifty paintings by this artist.

In 2009, a museum was opened in Brussels dedicated to the work of the famous Surrealist artist Renee Magritte. Many art critics and fans of the work of Michael Sowa believe that his work has as much artistic value as that of the Surrealist artist Renee Magritte. So, perhaps one day we will see a museum dedicated to the artistic talent of Michael Sowa!